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Spurr’s digital loyalty program provides an automated and cost-effective way to drive repeat purchases from your existing customers to increase customer lifetime value and ultimately your business profits.

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More than just a Loyalty Platform


Customize your Loyalty Program

A simple yet powerful customer loyalty solution suitable for all brick-and-mortar retail and services.

Select from visit, spend, product or accumulation based loyalty programs.

Offer multiple rewards loyalty programs with gifts and cashback.

Measure the effectiveness your loyalty program.

Get up and running in minutes.


Engage Your Customers with the FREE Spurr Mobile App.

To maximise repeat purchases and optimise check-out times, Spurr delivers a seamless loyalty experience so customers can easily collect redemptions and earn rewards.


Delight Your Customers by Issuing Stamps & Rewards.

Just scan the QR code on the customer's Spurr app to quickly and easily issue redemptions and rewards. Download the Spurr Scanner app for FREE on Google Play, App Store, And App Gallery.

Quick, simple and contactless.

Track and manage multiple users across all outlets.ple and contactless.


Automate Repeat Purchases to Maximise Customer Lifetime Value.

Spurr Premium unleashes the full potential of Spurr Loyalty by introducing personalised campaign management, marketing automation and priority customer memberships.


Drive Value & Build Loyalty

Spurr is a FREE digital tool that brings large enterprise customer loyalty management capabilities to small businesses.

Digital Loyalty Program

Multiple digital loyalty formats to engage and reward repeat customers..

Spurr App

Deliver a seamless loyalty experience so customers can easily collect redemptions and earn rewards.

Spurr Scanner

Engage customers by simply scanning the QR code on the customer's Spurr app to quickly and easily issue redemptions and rewards.

Customer Relationship Management

Understand your customers and leverage customer behaviour data to maximise repeat purchases and lifetime spend.

Analytics & Reports

Continuously track and improve performance with real-time reporting and actionable data insights.

Multi-Outlet & User Support

Monitor and manage multiple users across all your brand outlets.

Spurr Check-In

Understand your customers and leverage customer behaviour data to maximise repeat purchases and lifetime spend.

Campaign Management

In just a few simple steps, you can leverage marketing automation to trigger repeat purchases like the big boys.

Priority Customers

Offer exclusive privileges to make your customers feel special so you can reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value.


Why Customer Loyalty?

Loyal customers not only have a higher purchase frequency and lifetime value, but they also help you acquire new customers at practically no cost via social media, online reviews and word of mouth referrals.

It is at least 5X cheaper to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.

80% of business profits are generated by 20% of its loyal customers.

Customers are 80% more likely to make a repeat purchase when they participate in loyalty programs.

50% of consumers change their behaviour to reach a higher tier within a loyalty program.


A 5% increase in customer retention has the potential to increase profitability by 25% to 95%. The likelihood of returning customers making repeat purchases grows significantly with every visit.


Choose a Plan

Customers can now take advantage of the exclusive Spurr Unlimited package.



The perfect plan for small business to start building customer loyalty.


Exclusive to our Partners customers.



/ month

Manage customer loyalty like the big boys, at a fraction of the cost..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve got answers. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

The Spurr Digital Loyalty Program is free for up to 500 customers. Spurr Premium is required for unlimited customers, campaign automation and priority customer memberships.

Spurr is on a mission to empower small businesses with large enterprise loyalty management capabities.

Spurr Unlimited is available exclusively to customers of our partners – TM and Digi. With Spurr Unlimited, merchants unlock the 500 customer limit and are able to enjoy Spurr for free forever.

In takes mere minutes to launch the Spurr digital loyalty program. All you have to do is set up an account on our platform and download the Scanner app on an in-store Android device.

You may download and your personalised table standee to easily communicate your loyalty program and rewards to your customers. All they would need to do is scan the QR code with their mobile device in order to download the Spurr app which they will use to earn stamps, rewards and accumulate their spend.

The Spurr Loyalty web app will allow you to create, customise and administer your digital loyalty program. You may choose from 4 loyalty types based on Stamps or Spend and offer rewards in the form of Cashback Vouchers and/or Free Gifts.

The free Spurr Customer App allows your customers to earn stamps, accumulate their spend and redeem rewards.

Lastly, the Spurr Scanner app will allow your employees to issue stamps, record spend and process rewards by simply scanning the QR code on the customer app.

Forever for up to 500 customers. The Free Spurr plan includes Digital Loyalty, Multi-Outlet and User Support and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The Spurr Premium plan will launch in March 2021 and will include Campaign Management, Priority Customer Memberships and enhanced CRM and Analytics.


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Launch your Digital Loyalty Program Today

Drive Value & Build Loyalty

Launch Your Digital Loyalty Program Today

Drive Value & Build Loyalty


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